“Beyond Magic Bullets: White Race as a Social Determinant of the Opioid Crisis”

The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and Siegal Lifelong Learning Program will be hosting the eighth webinar in its fall webinar series, Racial Disparity, Social Justice and the Opioid Crisis, Thursday, Nov. 5, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. (EST). The topic of this webinar will be “Beyond Magic Bullets: White Race as a Social Determinant of the Opioid Crisis.”

Join in for a keynote address exploring the contrast between American conceptions of white drug use as a biomedical problem requiring pharmacological intervention and minority drug use as a moral failing and societal danger that can only be addressed through incarceration. Learn how neither model addresses the structural and systemic factors that lead to substance abuse and how community health initiatives are the way forward.

The webinar will feature introductory remarks from Robert L. Solomon, Esq., vice president of the Office of Inclusion Diversity & Equal Opportunity at CWRU.

Helena Hansen, associate professor of psychiatry and anthropology at New York University, will present during the event.

This webinar activity has been approved for CEUs and RCHs for social workers and chemical dependency counselors.

Register online to attend the webinar.