NFT marketplace with items on sale
NFT marketplace with cryptoart items on sale and blockchain in the background

“Beyond Crypto: Enterprise Use of Blockchain”

The idea of blockchain technology first became popular with the rise of crypto currency. But blockchains have come a long way since the iteration of bitcoin 15 years ago. There can be permissionless (public) blockchains, which are open to all, or permissioned (private) blockchains, which limit access to only select users.

Blockchain technology is being used as a way of creating contracts, conducting banking, and is being explored as a way of creating transparency in supply chain management. Industries such as education, music, fashion, food, manufacturing, and more are developing initiatives that involve this technology. The number of blockchain wallets is growing faster than ever expected. Organizations that aren’t already looking into ways to use the blockchain are behind.

To look deeper into this topic the xLab at Weatherhead School of Management will host a virtual webinar titled “Beyond Crypto: Enterprise Use of Blockchain” Tuesday, April 4, at noon.

A panel of experts from government, technology and academia will talk about use cases for blockchain and how it can benefit organizations. 

The speakers will be:

  • Richard Goldgar, associate partner of digital credentials at IBM;
    Jason Tyszko, vice president of the Center for Education and Workforce at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
  • Roman Beck, professor at the IT University of Copenhagen, and lead researcher and head of European Blockchain Center.

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