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Begun Center researchers contribute to book on bullying

Researchers at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education contributed to a book titled Bullying in Schools by writing chapters for the piece.

Daniel Flannery, director of Begun Center, and Dalhee Yoon, a 2020 PhD graduate from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, wrote a chapter titled “How to prepare cross-national bullying studies: Conceptualization and operationalization differences”.

Bullying is a crucial social problem for youth in all countries and cultures, yet few cross-country studies of bullying have taken cultural differences into account. Flannery and Yoon demonstrate how these differences lead to inconsistent findings, which affect implications for prevention and intervention. They hope to provide recommendations that allow researchers to account for culturally appropriate comparisons. The writers also seek to better ensure the implementation of prevention and intervention programs that are culturally, developmentally and gender appropriate.

Meanwhile, Jane Timmons-Mitchell, senior research associate at the Begun Center, and Seungjong Cho, a 2020 PhD graduate from the Mandel School, wrote a chapter titled “Gender differences in Bullying and Suicide.”

The chapter reviews the relationship between bullying and suicide, paying special attention to the types of bullying and to gender differences. 

Bullying in Schools is available for purchase on Amazon.