Become a test administrator with Spoken English Language Programs

Spoken English Language Programs (SELP) in the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is looking for doctoral students to fill paid positions beginning in July 2024 as test administrators. Most fall semester work will be performed in July, August, and September.

Test administrators are responsible for scheduling test appointments, administering tests, and recording test taker scores on a shared document. Test administrators are trained to perform their duties. Test administrators may also have the option to take on further work developing and/or co-teaching non-credit classes, seminars, and workshops as needed.

Test administrators need to have native or high-level English-language proficiency and demonstrate familiarity with US academic and social cultures. The amount of work each week is contingent on the number of tests administered and optional hours performing other assigned tasks. Tests are scheduled according to employee availability. Test administrators will report to Eric Moore, the SELP Director at SGS.

For more information, or to apply, please contact Eric Moore at