Award available for senior humanities majors

The Humanities Prize recognizes a graduating humanities major for the writing of an exceptional senior research paper, typically a capstone project or senior thesis. The annual prize is awarded at the end of each Spring semester. Recipient(s) receive a $500 cash stipend and participate in recognition ceremonies at both the Baker-Nord Center graduation celebration and the commencement awards assembly.

Eligibility: Only seniors graduating with a major in one of CWRU’s humanities departments or interdisciplinary humanities programs may apply. View a list of eligible majors.

Required: a completed cover sheet and a copy of your best senior research paper, typically a capstone or senior thesis. Please note, papers written in a foreign language are eligible but must include a two-page summary of the project written in English.

Recommended: a letter of support from a faculty member, describing the quality and significance of your research paper. While not required, it is strongly encouraged.

For full consideration, all application materials, including faculty letters of support, should be sent directly to by Sunday, April 21, 2024

Learn more about the award and how to apply.