Members of the search committee for the vice provost and university librarian are scheduling a series of listening sessions to seek input from faculty, staff and students. At these sessions, the committee, along with the consultants from Storbeck Search, want to hear directly from members of the university community about the key qualifications and experiences they think will be important for the next university librarian to be successful in this important position.  

Listening sessions are scheduled as follows:

Students who are unable to attend their scheduled session can attend the other student session.

During these sessions, the search committee would like to hear responses to the following questions:

  • What aspects of this opportunity will be most attractive to candidates? What should we highlight with candidates as being a great benefit of joining the CWRU community?
  • Any leader will have myriad priorities on their plate, but what are the top two or three priorities that the next vice provost and university librarian should be prepared to take on? What should be at the top of their to-do list?
  • Given the opportunities and challenges facing the next vice provost and university librarian, what background experiences, qualities and characteristics should we be looking for in candidates?

Those unable to attend the listening sessions can complete a survey.