Gilbert Doho

Associate Professor of French Gilbert Doho has book published on indigenous code in colonial Francophone Africa

Paris: L’Harmattan published a book by Gilbert Doho, associate professor of French, last month, about a set of executive orders that were conceived and used by French colonial administrators to control, oppress and punish indigenes in their territories.

Gilbert DohoHis book is titled Le Code de l’Indigénat ou le fondement des Etats autocratiques and Afrique francophone (The Indigenous Code: Fondamental Pillars of States in Francophone Africa).

The book details the infractions indigenes could be punished for—which ranged from the refusal to remove one’s hat in front of a colonizer to remaining seated when they entered a room—and the disproportionate punishments that resulted.

Doho wrote about how nation-building in Francophone Africa, especially state-building, was funded on the failing predicament. The book also laid ground for a better understanding of why democratic systems are slow in picking up in Francophone Africa.

Doho also made suggestions for new paths in regard to states-building, as well as a strong advocacy of the capture of the speech by the youth who constitute half of the populations Francophone African countries.