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Ash Sehgal, of the School of Medicine, weighs in on Ohio’s May 1 reopening date

Should Ohio’s May 1 reopening date be moved back?

WEWS-5 (ABC-Cleveland): Ash Sehgal, a professor in the School of Medicine, discussed Ohio’s May 1 date to start re-opening some businesses in the state, suggesting it would be better to see the number of new COVID-19 cases declining for at least two weeks before such action would be taken: “I think that if we delay our own decision by about three weeks, we could learn a lot about what worked and or what didn’t work in other places,” Sehgal said. “I believe it should be a requirement for employees to wear a mask if they’re going to be close to other people. I also believe customers should be urged to wear a mask when in a store.”