Art history’s Noelle Guiffrida publishes two essays

Noelle GuiffridaNoelle Giuffrida, assistant professor of East Asian art, recently published two essays.

Her essay titled “Paintings, Politesse, and Petromania: Sherman E. Lee and of the Art and Archaeology Delegation Trip to China in 1973” appears in the fall issue of the Archives of American Art Journal. It focuses on the former Cleveland Museum of Art director and curator’s experiences as chairman of one of the earliest and most significant scholarly visits to post-revolutionary China, as conveyed in his surviving travel diary.

Her second essay, “Transcendence, Thunder, and Exorcism: Images of the Daoist Patriarch Zhang Daoling in Paintings and Prints,” appears in the edited volume of On Telling Images of China: Essays on Narrative Painting and Visual Culture (Hong Kong University Press, November 2013).

Her chapter explores the role of images in efforts to claim, fashion and locate Zhang Daoling during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Her examination of how and why representations visually alluded to narratives about his overlapping roles as immortal, patriarch and exorcist, contributes to the recovery of a more nuanced picture of engagement with this seminal Daoist figure.