Fuadaldin Nadi

Arab American Heritage Month: Meet Fuadaldin Nadi

April is Arab American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich culture and contributions of the diverse population of Arab Americans in the United States. It’s the third year that the month has been formally recognized by the federal government. To recognize the occasion, The Daily is putting a spotlight on members of the Case Western Reserve University community who identify as Arab American.

When Fuadaldin Nadi came to Case Western Reserve University, he was pleasantly surprised to find the same sense of community he enjoyed in his youth.

“Growing up it was very common for my neighbors, friends, and family members to have food [and] tea gatherings and to celebrate holidays together,” said Nadi, whose family is originally from Palestine but raised him in New Jersey.

This month, that sense of community is especially on display as Nadi and his friends at the university take part in Ramadan, a month when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This year, Ramadan overlaps with Arab American Heritage month, as it runs from March 22 until April 21.

“It can be very challenging to go the full day without food or water while being a full-time student, but the challenge is part of what makes fasting fun and exciting,” said Nadi. “The moment of breaking the fast with friends makes the whole fast worth it.”

Following footsteps

Nadi is a third-year undergraduate student studying economics and healthcare management in the university’s integrated master’s program in supply chain management. He’ll earn his undergraduate degree in May 2024, and his master’s by fall 2024.

Nadi was inspired to study supply chain management because of his father, who’s an industrial engineer. According to Nadi, supply chain management and industrial engineering share a lot of similarities in terms of their goals, methodologies and interdisciplinary natures. 

Throughout his life, Nadi had always been curious about his father’s line of work—and once he came to understand it in college, he was determined to study it further. 

Also at Case Western Reserve, he is co-president of the Weatherhead Consulting Club; a brother in the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi; and a member of the Judo Club.

He also completed an internship at NFI Industries last summer as a logistics intern, and this summer, he’ll work at Commvault as a customer success intern, during which time he’ll “analyze data to generate quantitatively backed decisions that will make Commvault customers happier.”

After earning his two degrees from the university, Nadi hopes to pursue a career in operations consulting. 

Learn about other Arab American members of the CWRU community, and stay tuned to The Daily through April to meet even more.