Apply to participate in the spring 2021 Mentor Fellows program

All faculty are invited to apply to participate in the Mentor Fellows program to be conducted during the spring 2021 semester. This series of seminars is designed to help faculty reflect and improve on their own mentoring practices and engage in thoughtful discussions with other faculty from across the university on how to improve the quality of mentoring.

The structure of the program is a semester-long, seminar-type course in which faculty read and discuss research literature on mentoring and learn how to apply those lessons in their own mentoring relationships. Readings and assignments will take about two hours per week. Those who complete the program receive a $1,500 grant for academic purposes to be used during the next year.

2021 meetings will occur each week on Tuesdays from 1 to 2:15 p.m. (via Zoom), beginning Feb. 2 and ending May 4. The sessions will be facilitated by Matthew Garrett and Mano Singham.

Applications are due Wednesday, Nov. 18. For complete details of the application process, and more information, visit the Office of Faculty Development website.

Reach out via email at with any questions.