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Apply for the CWRU Translational Fellows Program

The newly established CWRU Translational Fellow Program (TFP) seeks to train individuals in entrepreneurship and the translation of innovation to benefit humanity by connecting them to programs and workshops around campus while protecting time for entrepreneurial activities.

Program organizers are seeking applications from individuals interested in a career in technology commercialization, especially—but not limited to—doctoral students or post-docs, to work through the process of developing a technology for commercialization for the second cohort beginning Nov. 1. Fellows can be currently working with a PI on a CWRU-based technology that has the potential for commercialization or be paired with a PI. Individuals must be willing to commit to 20% effort for one full year, starting Nov. 1. Applications are highly encouraged from females and underrepresented minorities.

Benefits of the program include:

  • 20% salary coverage for 12 months for those currently paid through CWRU;
  • Training and support for commercialization efforts; and
  • Entrepreneurship/commercialization mentoring team.

Requirements are:

  • Commitment to one day/week (20%) set aside for moving the technology to market; and
  • Attendance at meetings/workshops through the program (once/month group meetings, workshops four to six times/year).

To apply, individuals must include:

  • Statement of interest describing interest in entrepreneurship, and, if relevant, brief description of technology that the fellow proposes to work toward commercializing (one page maximum);
  • If relevant, letter of support from PI/supervisor demonstrating willingness to allow for 20% buy out of time, support of entrepreneurial activities and attesting to the strength of candidate (one page maximum); and
  • Form filled out and submitted along with above via Infoready by Sept. 30.

Individuals selected for participation will be notified around Oct. 15. Four fellows are anticipated to be funded during this round.

Apply for the program.

Questions may be directed to Cheryl Thompson, associate professor and assistant dean of educational initiatives at the School of Medicine, at