Apply for the CSE Peer Advising Program

For all rising engineer upperclassmen,

We are excited to announce that the applications for the CSE Peer Advising Program have now opened! This program is a complement to the academic advising provided by our faculty and consists of a team of upperclass engineering students who provide academic guidance to their peers. Over the past five years, this program has served hundreds of students. Peer Advisors share their experiences in areas including, but not limited to: major and minor selection, course selection, academic requirements, internships and co-ops, and campus resources.

The Peer Advising Program is housed in the Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice (DELPP), and the Peer Advisors have a separate office, Nord 316, off of the Nord Atrium. The new cohort of Peer Advisors will go through a 2-day, comprehensive training and onboarding process to prepare them for the role.

View the job description for the position and apply on the CampusGroups website or in the DELPP or Nord office.