Apply for summer research for undergraduates

The Cleveland CREATE KUH exists to provide wrap-around training for the next generation of PhD and MD researchers in the fields of Kidney, Urology, and benign Hematology. This long-term NIH funded program can accept up to 5 high school/undergraduate students each year to participate in KUH research and be mentored by a doctoral/postdoctoral U2C trainee during an immersive summer session, with the possibility of continuing during the academic year. There is a stipend of $7500 for 10 weeks of summer research. We especially seek participation from under-represented STEM students, for example: McNair Scholars, Choose Ohio First scholars, Students who have transferred from a Community College.

Ideally, the successful candidate will express an interest in becoming a research-active MD specializing in KUH research, but given the student population, interest in any ​form of medical/biomedical research (science or engineering) is desired.

Learn more about the program and apply.