Faculty: Apply to lead short-term study abroad programs by Aug. 1

The Office of Education Abroad is accepting faculty proposals until Aug. 1 for short-term faculty-led programs for the spring semester.

For some, creating short-term faculty-led programs can be daunting. Even if the faculty member is very familiar with the country, transporting a group of students there and being responsible for their wellbeing and education can be intimidating.

In order to help faculty members through this process, the Office of Education Abroad created a step-by-step process to help develop short-term study abroad programs and lead them successfully.

For information about developing a program, visit their faculty webpage.

Also provided are policies, procedures, and best practices to help programs go smoothly.

To fill out the proposal form, visit case.edu/international/edabroad/faculty/forms.html.

Questions about the options or the calendar? Contact Molly Watkins, executive director for international affairs, by email at mxw352@case.edu.