Apply for a Nord Grant to explore innovative teaching practices

The University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) is accepting applications for Nord Grants. Nord Grants support UCITE’s goal of empowering people to learn through the development of innovative faculty teaching and research projects that directly benefit student learning. Projects may be created by individual faculty members or in collaboration with others, including members of educational and cultural institutions external to Case Western Reserve University.

Nord Grants may be of particular interest to those who wish to:

  • Explore innovative teaching and learning strategies or projects;
  • Examine creative teaching ideas to support learning in remote and hybrid class settings;
  • Integrate diversity, equity, inclusion and internationalization work into course curricula;
  • Innovate instructional techniques through the application of teaching and learning technology;
  • Develop inter- and trans-disciplinary collaborations to create student learning opportunities beyond the classroom environment;
  • Use academic data to understand and improve student learning; and
  • Evaluate the impact of innovative teaching strategies on student learning.

Nord Grants have no fixed financial parameters. Project support is commensurate with provided justification. Priority is given to faculty members who have not previously been awarded a Nord Grant.

Grant funding is provided for one year, with the possibility of extension.

Awards are given twice yearly, with starting dates of Jan. 30 (winter awards) and July 30 (summer awards).

Full-time CWRU teaching faculty are eligible to apply for Nord Grants. Visiting faculty, part-time faculty, SAGES Fellows, and graduate students may collaborate as team members with a full-time faculty member for grant proposals (the team leader must be full-time faculty).

Learn more about the program and apply.