Applications due Sept. 7 for fall 2020 Virtual Global and Intercultural Learning: Ecuador

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge for students interested in studying abroad this year. However, the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences will offer study abroad courses virtually this fall. Virtual study abroad courses provide an opportunity for students to engage in global and intercultural learning with diverse professionals across the globe without having to leave home.

Students can enroll in Health, Human and Social Development in Rural and Urban Ecuador (SASS 575/375A) for three credits. During the course, students will experience international social work, social justice and health care with the school’s professional network and partners in Ecuador.

Courses will consist of lectures, small group work, recorded interviews and live panel sessions with individuals in Ecuador and the U.S. Topics to be covered include:

  • A history of colonialism and its impact on modern Ecuador;
  • Race, class and gender in Ecuador;
  • An overview of health care and social services in Ecuador;
  • Resource extraction and conservation of Ecuador’s ecosystems; and
  • Ecuador and its place in the modern world.

The course will offer students the opportunity to expand their worldview and broaden their perspectives while gaining new insight on how different countries and cultures approach social welfare issues, policies and practices.

This elective course is open to all Case Western Reserve University students and approved for global or cultural diversity for arts and sciences majors, social science credit for engineering majors, the social work minor, or elective course credit. The class will meet over the course of five Saturdays throughout the fall semester.

For more information on the benefits of virtual global and intercultural learning, view the Mandel School’s Education Abroad website or contact Ann Nguyen and Marjorie Edguer. Register for the course in SIS. 

Applications are due by Sept. 7.