Application deadline for Sustained Dialogue program extended to Sept. 26

The application deadline for the Sustained Dialogue program has been extended to Sept. 26, with the first meeting Oct. 6.

Sustained Dialogue is a tool that helps the campus community make time to understand the different perspectives of individuals they otherwise would not meet. Engaging in such conversations not only enables members to interact comfortably with all kinds of people, but also helps build relationships across community divides. The program equips all the participants with communication skills necessary for increasingly diverse academic, social, and work environments.

While meeting weekly, members will formulate a plan for making the Case Western Reserve campus a better place. At the end of the year, the president and other administrators will attend a dinner to hear a presentation of the plan, and ask questions about its implementation.

For those who might be interested in roles beyond that of a participant, there is an upcoming training scheduled to learn about the campus dialogue program. The workshop is Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 20-21, and is free and open to all Case Western Reserve University graduate and professional students, staff and faculty. To register, email your name, title, and contact information to

For more information about the training or the Sustained Dialogue program, contact or