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Anthropology Professor Lee Hoffer receives funding for two new projects

Lee Hoffer, associate professor of anthropology, recently received funding for two new projects. The first project, “Understanding psylocibin (‘magic mushrooms’) in the context of the modern ‘psychedelic renaissance’”, received funding by the College of Arts and Sciences’ “Expanding Horizons Initiative (EHI).” The interdisciplinary grant involves faculty members from across the college, the School of Medicine, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and Weatherhead School of Management. The project investigates how narratives in the media frame the use of psylocibin (“magic mushrooms”) in what has been labeled the modern “psychedelic renaissance.” The research team also will interview people in Cleveland about how they use the drug. The interdisciplinary CWRU team includes:

  • Lee Hoffer, principal investigator (anthropology)
  • Deepak Sarma (religious studies)
  • Anthony Jack (philosophy)
  • Mark Turner (cognitive science)
  • Elliot Posner (political science)
  • Rong Xu (biomedical informatics, SOM)
  • Aaron Goldenberg (bioethics, SOM)
  • Peter Hovmand (community health, SOM)
  • Scott Moore (nursing)
  • David Clingingsmith (economics, Weatherhead)

The second project, “The Ohio Syringe Services Program Data Collection Consortium (DCC),” establishes a partnership between CWRU and the Ohio Department of Health. This project will allow local Syringe Services Program (SSP) providers to monitor the numbers and demographics of clients they serve; track services and materials provided; assist with inventory decision-making; and provide a standardized infrastructure for data reporting. 

Syringe Services Programs constitute a critical component of harm-reduction approaches in public health. Consortium participants will receive ongoing consultation with the DCC research team and CWRU. Finally, this project will establish infrastructure for conducting statewide research projects on harm reduction, SSP services and other topics related to illegal drug use behavior.