Anant Madabhushi’s biomedical engineering team awarded multiple patents; Madabhushi invited to conference

Anant Madabhushi, associate professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, and colleagues have been awarded three patents in advanced computerized image analysis and pattern recognition technologies for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. The three patents recently issued are:

  1. “Malignancy Diagnosis Using Content-Based Image Retrieval of Tissue Histopathology,” Madabhushi, Michael D. Feldman (University of Pennsylvania), John Tomaszewski (University of Pennsylvania), Scott Doyle (Ibris Inc.), United States Serial Number (USSN): 8,280,132. The USPTO describes this invention as relating to computer-aided diagnostics using content-based retrieval of histopathological image features. Specifically, the invention relates to the extraction of image features from a histopathological image based on predetermined criteria and their analysis for malignancy determination.
  2. A second patent titled “Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) of cancer using Multi-Functional Multi-Modal in vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Imaging (MRI)” with co-inventors Madabhushi, Satish Viswanath (assistant research professor, Case Western Reserve University Department of Biomedical Engineering), Pallavi Tiwari (assistant research professor, CWRU biomedical engineering department), Robert Toth (PhD student, Rutgers University), Mark Rosen (University of Pennsylvania), John Tomaszewski (SUNY Buffalo), Michael D. Feldman (University of Pennsylvania), United States Serial Number (USSN): 8,295,575 was described by the USPTO as an “invention relating to computer-assisted diagnostics and classification of prostate cancer. Specifically, the invention relates to segmentation of the prostate boundary on MRI images, cancer detection using multimodal multi-protocol MR data; and their integration for a computer-aided diagnosis and classification system for prostate cancer.”
  3. A third patent “Combined feature ensemble mutual information image registration” with co-inventors Madabhushi, Jonathan Chappelow (Cyberknife Inc), Mark Rosen (University of Pennsylvania), John Tomaszewski (SUNY Buffalo), Michael Feldman (University of Pennsylvania), United States Serial Number (USSN): 8,442,285 was described by the USPTO as an “invention relating to medical image registration. Specifically, the invention relates to a combined feature ensemble mutual information (COFEMI) for robust inter-modal, inter-protocol image registration.”

In addition, Madabhushi was invited to participate in a two-day National Cancer Institute-sponsored workshop titled “Correlating Imaging Phenotypes with Genomic Signatures.”

The workshop will focus on assessing the state of existing imaging-genomics research and identify impediments to expediting discoveries as applied to clinical research as well as identifying infrastructure opportunities to expand collaborations between imagers, geneticists and computational analysts of visual data.

Madabhushi has been invited to participate in discussions on clinical requirements and computational resources based on his expertise in imaging as it relates to genomic medicine and drug discovery and the computational sciences.

The conference will take place at the National Institutes of Health Campus-Natcher on June 26–27.