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Amy Przeworski, of psychological sciences, shares some relaxing benefits from quarantine hobbies

Self – (Quarantine) Care: How a Coronavirus Quarantine Could Actually be Good for You

Medium: Amy Przeworski, an associate professor of psychological sciences, offered comments on how the coronavirus quarantine could be a ripe opportunity to pursue a new hobby or pick up an old project, which could lower stress levels: “People can always tell how stressed I am by the number of baked goods that we have in our home. I find the process of baking to be incredibly therapeutic,” said Przeworski, who mentioned that people often neglect self-care when they’re stressed: “[These] times are exactly when people need to engage in self-care, including relaxing hobbies. Engaging in just 30 minutes of a relaxing activity can reduce one’s stress and anxiety and actually make them more productive and better able to cope with stressful events.”