Rear view of students with backpacks going to school for classes

“America’s Classrooms: Frontlines of the First Amendment Symposium”

The Law Review at Case Western Reserve University School of Law will host a symposium exploring current First Amendment issues in lower and higher education. 

Titled “America’s Classrooms: Frontlines of the First Amendment Symposium,” this event will be held Friday, Oct. 28, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. in the law school’s Moot Courtroom.

Following a series of state-law mandates and Circuit Court and Supreme Court decisions affecting teachers and the American education system, this constitutional conversation is ripe for debate and analysis. Symposium presenters will discuss academic freedom protections for university and lower education teachers, gender identification of students, off-campus speech, K-12 curriculum development, critical race theory, and other related topics.

This event is free to attend for all. Interested attendees may register and find a list of speakers on the law school website.