Delivery person in front of vehicle writing on clipboard with package in passenger seat

Amazon Lockers give students more delivery options

The package delivery process for students living in Case Western Reserve University residence halls will become more streamlined this semester.

Amazon Lockers, delivery stations operated by Amazon, were recently installed in Case Western Reserve’s North and South Residential Villages.

How it works

When ordering through Amazon, students can opt to have their purchases delivered to the lockers, which have different-sized compartments to accommodate varying sizes of packages.

When a package is delivered to one of the lockers, students will get a notification with a one-time use code. When the student enters the code into the screen, the locker with their delivery will open.

Students will have access to the lockers anytime, as opposed to the limited office hours offered for package pickup.

Two sets of lockers have been installed:

  • In Leutner Commons near the side entrance on North Residential Village; and
  • In Fribley Commons next to the South Residential Area Office on South Residential Village.

Use of the lockers is limited to purchases made through Amazon. All other deliveries will continue to be made to the North Residential Area Office located in Wade Commons and South Residential Area Office in Fribley Commons.

Why they were installed

Campus administrators opted to have the lockers installed to offset the package load in the residence hall offices. As online shopping has grown, so has the volume of packages delivered to students living on campus. In just seven years, residence halls went from 50,000 to 140,000 deliveries per year.

Through the new system, the university provided a location and Amazon installed the lockers.

Moving forward, the university is exploring the option of installing lockers to expand this delivery option for other companies.