Diversity startup business team working together by 3D printer. Looking at printed objects and discussing. Selective focus to 3D printer printing an object with creative team in background.

Alumni Max Pennington and Fourth-years Chip Miller and David Dillman discuss their Cleveland startup CLEANR

CLEANR gets 3D printing help in fight against microplastic pollution
Cleveland Business Journal (subscription required): CWRU student entrepreneurs alumnus Max Pennington (CWR ’22) and fourth-year students Chip Miller and David Dillman, co-founders of Cleveland startup CLEANR, were featured for their company’s latest step: working with a rapid 3D printing company to speed the development of the company’s filters that remove tiny pieces of plastic from washing machine wastewater. “The rapid 3D printing saves thousands of dollars of molding expenses and months of development time,” Pennington said. “Without the 3D printing process, it would be extremely difficult to innovate.”