Al Jazeera English reporter Dorothy Parvaz to discuss the Arab Spring Nov. 1

Al Jazeera English online journalist Dorothy Parvaz, who went missing as she entered Iran in 2011, will discuss the events of the Arab Spring and what it means to be a “post-revolution” state and the current political situation in the Middle East.

“When is a Revolution Complete?”—a talk by Parvaz presented by Case Western the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities—is free and open to the public on Thursday, Nov. 1, at 4:30 p.m. in Clark Hall 309. The event continues a yearlong conversation on the multiple meanings of “revolution” and its portrayal in art, history, literature, politics, government and current events.

Parvaz, a legal citizen of the United States, Canada and Iran, entered Syria April 29, 2011, with an outdated Iranian passport. Detained at the Damascus airport and later sent to Iran, she was released in May. Her detainment set off a campaign by journalists and human rights groups, calling for her release.

The journalist, who has also worked for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Seattle Times, will discuss assignments that have taken her to such places at Qatar, Iran, Japan and other locales to cover major world events.

Parvaz received the 2011 National Press Club’s John Aubuchon Press Freedom Foreign Correspondents Award for her courageous reporting in the Middle East.

Reservations are encouraged by contacting Maggie Kaminski in the Baker-Nord Center at 216.368.2242 or