An array of solar panels with sun shining down on them
Growth in solar power and other renewable energy sources has been slowed some by a lack of storage capacity, but researchers at Case Western Reserve University are exploring new large-scale battery solutions to that problem.

ADSPIRE renewable energy panel series

All are invited to attend the 2022 Advancing Diverse Student Professionals in Renewable Energy (ADSPIRE) Panel Series, which will be held from March 29 to May 5, and hosted by Sean Fallon, Channing Hunter, Sanjana Kartik, and Marcus-Jay Wilkes.

ADSPIRE is a series of 11 virtual one-hour panels where women and people of color currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree can hear from current renewables leaders about their career paths, professional expertise, and how they entered the industry. (Last year, the panels directly resulted in job offers for many participants).

The series will run Tuesdays and Thursdays. Start time will be either 7 or 8 p.m. depending on the week.

Register for either or all panels. (“5 Small Group Technology Panels” are specifically for graduating seniors, while “6 Large Group Industry Sub-Sector Panels”—for all grade levels).