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Access to library databases and resources on and off campus with OpenAthens

OpenAthens is the library’s new authentication system and has replaced VPN for off-campus access to most resources. It requires no action other than signing in through Case Western Reserve University’s Single Sign-On.

With OpenAthens, members of the campus community can access nearly all of the library’s electronic resources on any device from anywhere without multiple logins or the need to log into the VPN.

During a session, users will need to log in to access all library resources (even when on the campus wired network or the “Case Wireless” network). After they are logged in the first time, access should continue even if they change from one resource to another as long as they do not close their browser window.

Web addresses for some resources have changed, so previously bookmarked shortcuts may no longer be working. Individuals should start their search for all resources (including the library catalog) by locating it on the library website on the eJournal or database list. Individuals also can use the CWRU libraries search box (in the upper-right corner of the library web page).

Those who use the library’s online resources should make sure to close the browser when they are done, especially if they access resources from a public workstation.

Get more information on OpenAthens and authentication.

Some resources will still require VPN to gain access. View the list of those resources.