A preview of the CWRU Class of 2018

CWRU students pour out of Ford AuditoriumThis year it was nearly twice as hard to get accepted to Case Western Reserve than in 2007.

When President Barbara R. Snyder arrived seven years ago, about three-quarters of those who applied received admission letters.

For 2014, the figure is just above 38 percent.

“Our selectivity has increased substantially as more high school students learn about our academic strengths,” Director of Undergraduate Admissions Robert R. McCullough explained. “Then, when they visit, they also see improvements like the new university center, think[ box ] and Uptown. The sense of momentum is unmistakable.”

About 1,250 students are expected to be part of the Class of 2018 in August, a number comparable to 2013 and aligned with the university’s goal for this year. The academic qualifications are comparable to last year, as is enrollment for international students and underrepresented minority students (12 and 13 percent, respectively). The top five states for enrollment are Ohio, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and California.

In 2007, just under 7,300 students applied for admission. This year, the figure topped 21,700—an increase of about 18 percent over last year, and almost three times the number from seven years ago. In the intervening years, Case Western Reserve dramatically increased its outreach to high school students and college counselors—increasing visits by admissions staff and also building up print and electronic mailings. Application figures began to climb—slowly at first, and then, in 2011, they leapt by more than 40 percent.

As these gains have continued, the campus also has experienced major growth in open house attendance. This year 3,238 students attended one of 2014’s 18 open houses—an increase of 26 percent over last year.

“We want to thank our entire campus community—faculty, staff, and current students—for extending such warm welcomes to prospective students and their families,” McCullough said. “We recognize that engaging with these young people takes enormous time during already full days, but those interactions can make all of the difference when students make final enrollment decisions in May.”

The Class of 2018 arrives for orientation Aug. 17; classes begin Aug. 25.