5 questions with… Spartie

Photo by Sarah VogelPhoto by Sarah VogelPhoto by Sarah Vogel

In honor of this week’s special homecoming edition of The Daily, we wanted to highlight a notable representative of Case Western Reserve University pride: Spartie, our mascot. Below is a brief history of how Spartie came to be, and the mascot’s answers to our five questions.

As students, alumni and families gather to celebrate homecoming next weekend with a jam-packed schedule of activities, there’s one other milestone to recognize: Spartie’s birthday.

At homecoming in 2011, the life-size plush mascot was born, joining the Spartan, a student who dons armor and a helmet to serve as an ambassador for the university, in an effort to get more students involved in spirited activities. The Interfraternity Congress, Panhellenic Council and Parents Fund provided funding for the costume, while the Student Activities and Leadership team and some student leaders designed and completed the final production for Spartie.

Today, a team of students shares the role of Spartie, attending sporting matchups, student events and other campus traditions to interact and engage the crowds—giving high fives, posing for pictures and enthusiastically (albeit silently) leading cheers.

Though 6-year-old Spartie is a relatively new addition to Case Western Reserve, the history of the Spartan mascot dates back decades, to shortly after the 1967 federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University.

For a few years, the two teams continued to operate with their former sports teams and mascots, the Case Institute of Technology Rough Riders and the Western Reserve University Wild Cats.

But in an effort to rename the teams under a shared name, The Observer and the Captain’s Council held a contest—a fruitless effort, as it garnered no responses. While it’s debated who eventually decided on “Spartans”—the football team or the captains of the athletics teams—the newly merged school took on the moniker in 1970.

Ever since, there have been different takes on the Spartans, including numerous logos, a “noble Spartan” and the 2011 addition of Spartie.

Want to see Spartie in action? Make sure to get out during homecoming to catch a glimpse of the mascot. But first: See how Spartie answered our five questions.

1. What’s your favorite spot on the Case Western Reserve campus?

Enjoying a beautiful, sunny afternoon sitting next to Doc Oc by the Hudson Relay Rocks.

2. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you pick?

I’ve traveled the world many times—as you’ve perhaps seen in my selfies with students studying abroad—but I can honestly say there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Cleveland at CWRU with my fellow Spartans!

3. What new skill would you like to learn?

Currently I’m pursuing advanced skills in chess, piano and aggressive napping. [See photo evidence in the gallery above]

4. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have three movies with you, what would you choose?

300 (obviously), Major League (go Cleveland baseball!) and The Avengers because I love that it was filmed in Cleveland, and that they understand the power of a good costume.

5. What’s your favorite thing about Case Western Reserve?

Venturing outside and interacting with all of the other Spartans on campus!

Want to show your CWRU pride as Spartie? While all members of the university are Spartans, and therefore embody Spartie’s spirit, students can find out how to become Spartie by emailing mascot@case.edu to start a conversation.