Photo of Engineers Week 2024 planning committee members at Case Western Reserve University

3 ways to get involved in Engineers Week (and why you should, even if you’re not an engineer!)

It’s likely that since you’ve woken up this morning, you’ve benefited from the work of engineers. You might have flipped a light switch on, made a phone call, drove into the office, sent an email or even asked ChatGPT a question. As each of these activities can show, the work of engineers surrounds us every day. 

From tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 16, through Friday, Feb. 23, Case Western Reserve University will recognize Engineers Week (E-Week), a celebration of how engineers make a difference in our world. The week will involve a number of events and competitions. The full schedule of events can be found on the E-Week website.

Three ways anyone on campus can get involved:

  1. Form a team and compete! 
  1. Tune in and watch. 
  1. Start a project at Sears think[box]. Maybe you’ve read about making your holiday gifts at think[box], saw this metal mural of the Cleveland skyline that was created on the fabrication floor or admired this heart-shaped spinner. Year round, you can visit Sears think[box], work with the staff and bring your ideas to life! See their upcoming events and training sessions.

And three reasons why you should get involved.

(Even if you’re not an engineer!) As told by the E-Week Planning Committee.

  1. Free food, prizes and good company! 

“E-Week is a great opportunity to make new friends by building teams with people you find interesting and that you have similar passions with! Plus, you can win a lot of good prizes and we love free food, of course.” – Isabelle Deputy, Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable E-Week chair

  1. An opportunity to tap into your creative and competitive side. 

“See engineering in action! Solve problems in a creative way and get hands-on experience while competing for a good prize.” – TylerMcFarren, peer advisor E-Week representative

  1. Taking a break to do something fun! 

“Take a few hours to relax and do something engaging. You deserve it.” – Olivia Minner, student assistant in the Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice