Photo of a student dressed in blue gear and spirit items during a CWRU homecoming event

3 reasons you should take part in homecoming weekend as a student

As crisp fall air makes its return to campus, there’s no better way to stay cozy than with the warmth of CWRU spirit. That’s according to second-year student Katherine Velardi, a member of the Class Officer Collective who helped to plan some of this year’s homecoming festivities taking place today through Sunday, Oct. 6-9.

With events ranging from the “Spartie’s Party” tailgate to the University Program Board’s homecoming concert featuring Sean Kingston on East Bell Commons, students can get excited to play games, enjoy free food and giveaways, and simply hang out together.

“Homecoming is the perfect opportunity to get involved on campus and have fun,” said Velardi. “All the student organizations that planned events this year tried their best to foster feelings of camaraderie, belonging, excitement and infectious pride for being a student at CWRU.”

To hear more about what’s in store, The Daily spoke with several students who were involved in planning and learned three reasons why they believe students should take part.

1. You can brandish your Spartan spirit.

Homecoming offers the perfect opportunity to show your pride for Case Western Reserve alongside others who share your passion. Whether you want to cheer on the Spartans football team, learn something new or just socialize with friends, homecoming events are all about celebrating your love for CWRU.

“Why not embrace the school spirit and get riled in the energy and excitement?” asked second-year student Jade Dohner, campus engagement director with the University Program Board. Dohner helped organize the fireworks display that will light up the sky above Freiberger Field Friday at 8:30 p.m.

2. You can spend time with your friends—and make new ones. 

Alumni love homecoming for the chance it presents to see campus again and reunite with old friends, but there are plenty of bonding opportunities for current CWRU students as well. Those who helped plan this year’s events encourage their peers to take a break from studying and make memories with friends while getting to know more of the community around campus.

“Alumni are incredibly important to our history, but our current students are key to our present and future,” Dohner said. “This is our school, and homecoming is our time to come together and boast our school spirit.”

3. You can get some free food.

Let’s face it—any event that offers free food is a good event to be at. Luckily, there are plenty of options to grab a bite during homecoming. 

Dive in at Blue Bash tonight, Oct. 6, where there will be plenty of food along with live entertainment and fireworks. Then on Saturday, join Student Activities and Leadership and the Class Officer Collective for the “Spartie’s Party” tailgate to get in the spirit ahead of the football game against the St. Vincent Bearcats. The event, slated from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday outside the Linsalata Alumni Center, will offer entertainment, free food and games.

When asked her top reasons for attending homecoming events, fourth-year student Selena Liu summed it up nicely: “I’m pretty excited for the Blue Bash because I love free food. The events will be so much fun!” 

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