Photo of students being interviewed by NBC News in Sears thinkbox

2023 in review: Case Western Reserve University in the news

Whether the subject is polarized politics or growing global conflicts, biomedical breakthroughs or emerging applications for AI, journalists know to turn to Case Western Reserve faculty for insight—and new ideas.

The past year saw 60 Minutes feature our biomedical engineers restoring feeling and movement. It also witnessed NBC Nightly News showcasing students using Sears think[box] to help a photographer take pictures again. Plus, The New York Times highlighted a doctoral student’s discovery that an ancient fish wasn’t nearly as long as previously thought.

Read on to see some of the many ways campus experts helped explain the news—and, in some instances, helped shape it—over the past year.


Stephanie Langel


Professor Jonathan Adler, with textbooks open, talking with students at the law school on an outdoor picnic table.
Jonathan Adler, center


Atiba Ellis
Atiba Ellis


Eileen Anderson
Eileen Anderson

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