16 students place at Intersections: SOURCE Poster Session

At the Intersections: SOURCE Poster Session on Dec. 9, 16 students placed in the poster competition.

Those honored were:

Natural Sciences Poster Competition

  • (Tie) 1st: Catherine Osborn,Genes and Environment: How Do Activity, Density, and Diet Affect Tadpole Oral Morphology.” Faculty mentor: Michael Benard, Department of Biology.
  • (Tie) 1st: Rebecca Gilson,Plasmodium falciparum’s Response to Oscillating Weak Magnetic Fields.” Faculty mentor: Brian Grimberg, Department Global Health & Diseases, and Robert Brown, Department of Physics.
  • 2nd: Molly Karl,A New Transgenic Model for the Inducible Ablation of Astrocytes.” Faculty mentor: Robert Miller, Department of Neurosciences.

Social Sciences Poster Competition

  • 1st: Maria Lemler,Discrepancy Between Parent Report and Clinician Observation of Symptoms in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.” Faculty mentor: Anastasia Dimitropoulos, Department of Psychology.
  • 2nd: Courtney Thomas, “Surveying Physician Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Counseling Women on Alcohol Usage Before and During Pregnancy.” Faculty mentor: Joseph Koonce, Department of Biology.

Engineering Poster Competition

  • 1st: George Linderman,OCTivat: Optical Coherence Tomography Image Visualization and Analysis Toolkit.” Faculty mentor: Andrew Rollins, Department of Biomedical Engineering.
  • 2nd: Bharath Velagapudi, “A Transgenic Study of Molecular Mediators of Neural Degeneration at the Cortical-Tissue Device Interface.” Faculty mentor: Jeffrey Capadona, Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Nursing Poster Competition

  • 1st: Laryssa Hess, Chan Suk Park, Annie Bosche, Yang Liu and Pan She, “Achieving Cultural Competency to Improve the Delivery of Care to Students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.” Faculty mentor: Cheryl Killion, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.
  • 2nd: Emily Jasina, Jessica Nuhfer, Erica Pizzolato and Evalyn Zimpelmann, “What’s on YOUR Plate? Improving Healthy Food Choices and Nutritional Knowledge at CWRU Squire Valleevue Farm.” Faculty mentor: Marcella Hovancsek, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

The spring Intersections will be held April 20.