121 Fitness receives 45 new bikes for spinning classes, makes upgrades

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, 121 Fitness received 45 brand-new Keiser M3 Plus cycle bikes for its spinning room.

As part of its commitment to constant improvement, 121 Fitness also announced upgrades to its building, to be completed over the summer and fall of 2013:

  • Phase one of roof replacement (the completion to be carried out over the next two years)
  • Replacement of seven of nine air conditioning units (the remainder to be replaced over the next two years)
  • Bright, new, efficient, LED lighting throughout the facility
  • New, efficient, LED flat-screen televisions on the lower level

These improvements are geared to enhance the guest experience at 121 Fitness Center, and increase energy efficiency and safety.

For more information, visit onetoone.case.edu.