Women doctoral students: Join yearlong group coaching program

Recent research indicates that PhD students are at risk for depression and anxiety, face increasingly competitive job markets and have only a 50 percent degree completion rate.

To help make the road to a PhD less lonely and daunting, the PhD Progress Collective, a new yearlong facilitated, group coaching program for all women and those who identify as women PhD students, has begun.

This program will be facilitated by a fourth-year PhD student and executive coach at monthly 90-minute meetings over the course of an academic calendar year. The meetings will help you to set and make continual progress toward your goals while surfacing and discussing any issues that may arise along the way.

This program is part of WISHED (Women in Science and Humanities Earning Doctorates) and is supported by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women.

To be eligible to participate, you must be a woman or identify most closely as a woman and be at any stage in your PhD program at Case Western Reserve University. You must be able to attend in person group meetings, and plan to be a student for the entire 2017-18 academic school year.

Register at bit.ly/2iodgAP before Sept. 8, or visit phdprogresscollective.wordpress.com/ for more information.