As of May 9, the survey is closed.

Case Western Reserve University and University Circle Inc. are offering an online survey regarding parking options and shuttle services in the area. The survey is open to all members of the Case Western Reserve community.

Topics of the survey include customer service, fairness, cleanliness, payment and more.

The survey, available online at, closes Wednesday, May 8.

  • Kenneth Hardy

    Parking at case is suppose to be fair to everybody. Everybody has to go through this parking thing. So why are the people that are mose likely able to afford parking getting the most brecks. Everybody should be treated the same when it comes to parking!

  • Lois Langell

    The survey questions do not offer a N/A response. Shuttle users who do not park (e.g., public transportation users) or parkers who do not shuttle cannot provide useful responses about the services they do not use.

  • Ariel

    I pay 87.50 bucks to park in CASE. But if you have any special event, I still need to leave a space for outside parking! Is this sound fair ?? I buy my parking permit is to allow me park in my parking lot at any time I want, obviously, I dont want parking company to use my right to exchange another 10 bucks !!!

  • Bob

    This is a bogus survey. I can’t answer half of the questions because I don’t use half of the services the survey is talking about. My complaint is the cost of parking is TOO HIGH. I pay over $80.00 a month to park on an open lot. Thanks Case – great employer.