aerial view of CWRU in the foreground and Cleveland in backgroundAlthough ranked as one of the nation’s best colleges, Case Western Reserve University has long been a well-kept secret. Until now. In its list of “trendiest colleges,” The Huffington Post named Case Western Reserve its Trendiest “School that Flies Under the Academic Radar…But Shouldn’t.”

Huffington Post compiled the list of eight universities, which includes Yale University, Columbia University and Washington University in St. Louis, by tracking New York Times’ application increase list,’s “Top Colleges” list (including student rankings of academics, the student body, nightlife and campus facilities), Princeton Review’s 2010 list of “Happiest Colleges” and Newsweek and’s “New Ivies” lists.

“Given the quality of the faculty, students, facilities and the success of our graduates, we ought to be more well known than we are,” said Rick Bischoff, vice president for enrollment.

The editors at Huffington Post agree. “Ranked the No. 41 best national university by the U.S. News, this school definitely flies under the academic radar,” they wrote. “But with a student body whose top majors include biomedical engineering, there’s no denying that Case kids are smart. Very smart.”

The list cites CWRU’s beautiful campus, the fiber-optic gigabit Ethernet, increased applications and the stellar academic and research opportunities available as reasons why the university “flies under the radar.”

In Bischoff’s view, Case Western Reserve University is trendy because of the quality of academic programs, in- and out-of-classroom experiences and value. “I like Merriam-Webster’s definition [of trendy]: ‘very fashionable,’” he said. “In an era when students and parents are increasingly focused on the value of higher education, what we do at CWRU is very relevant.”

Garnering positive media attention on The Huffington Post, which recently surpassed in unique visitors and is gaining steam after being purchased by AOL earlier this year, should raise the university’s visibility. “News stories like this are often reprinted, referenced widely and make the rounds on social networking sites,” Bischoff said. “Positive outside opinions will help raise our profile and will likely mean that more students will take a look at us.”

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  • leafingtree

    so we react to this compliment by returning one as well

  • Mai Emily Segawa

    I love Case Western Reserve University. As a student, seeing something like this makes me so proud! Go Case Western! Two years ago, when I entered Case Western in the fall of 2009, a lot of people in my hometown Bethesda, Maryland were not familiar with Case Western Reserve University. But now, with positive publicity like this, more and more people outside of Ohio will know what a brilliant university this is 🙂 So I am very glad that CWRU was named one of America’s Trendiest School that “flies under the academic radar but shouldn’t.”

  • Ebony Speakes

    I am proud to graduate of the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. This university offered me tremendous opportunties that extended far beyond the classroom. I am proud to say that I received a great education from the #1 social work program in Ohio and 10th in the country. I would like to thank all the faculty and staff who work hard to maintain our legacy!

  • CWRU Student

    Maybe someday when people ask what school I go to they won’t reply with, “Where’s that?”

  • Tremonter

    Not only is Case Western Reserve on the rise, but so is the immediate surrounding BOOMING area of University Circle. The area is becoming a complete GEM.

    There is so much buzz and new construction. New housing: Uptown apartments, Circle 118 townhomes, Circle 27 townhomes, Hazel Dr apartments…new retail in Uptown going in…

    New Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Cleveland Museum of Art Renovations, Tudor Arms Hotel restoration, UH Seidman Cancer Center Construction, VA Hospital Expansion, Cleveland Clinic Reference Laboratory, Cleveland Institute of Art Expansion, Cozad-Bates House Restoration, Case Western Wind Turbine…

    New Case Western Student Center, Field House, Pedestrian Bridge, Performing Arts Center, and proposed hotels in the works…

    The list is never ending.

    Good for Case Western.

  • Lizzard

    As a graduate from 1993, all I can say is things seem to have changed! I had a great experience, but I don’t think anyone was referring to the school as ‘trendy’ back then!!

  • JRC

    Who cares what the huffington post says. The school should just stand on it’s academic achievements. “Trendy” does not belong in prestigious academic institutions.

  • kelp

    The recognition is nice, but the results are nicer. I’m a “result” of a CWRU education, which was already excellent in the 1970s when I was a student. My time at University Circle introduced me to so much and opened my then-young mind to possibilitlies I hadn’t imagined. I am now a graying academic at a university on the other side of the country, but I still check to see how “my school” is doing. I am proud to witness its continuing growth and beam at the stunning accomplishments of its faculty and students.

    And yes, folks still occasionally ask “Isn’t that a military school?” when I tell them where I completed my undergraduate studies.

  • Jose

    When I went there, two years ago, the school was neither trendy nor smart (sp?)….how much has changed since then? seriously, how much?