The University Technology ([U]Tech) Software Center is offering Mathematica Online subscriptions at no additional cost to all faculty, staff and students. Mathematica interactive notebooks can be used to work directly in a web browser—with no installation or configuration required—as well as share documents and resources in the cloud. Visit the Software Center and register today for the subscription.

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In addition, the [U]Tech Software Center has upgraded Labview to the most recent version, Labview Spring 2017. LabVIEW is systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

Labview Spring 2017 is available to all faculty and staff at no additional cost. A media option is available for Windows users for $50, charged to a valid speedtype account. Licensing restrictions allow students to use Labview on lab equipment on campus but they are not permitted to install it on their personal devices.

For more information about Labview or the Labview upgrade, visit or