Faculty and staff virtually travel the globe for HealthTrails; winning teams announced

On April 16, 245 Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff members successfully completed a 12-week exercise incentive program. By way of the HealthTrails app or website, participants virtually traveled through trails in places as diverse as China, Denmark, Italy, Australia and more.

HealthTrails encouraged participants to exercise at least 30 minutes, five times a week, drink at least six eight-ounce glasses of water daily and to stop for a two-minute mini break at least twice daily.

Out of the 357 registrants, 245 successfully met the goal of traveling 600 virtual miles during the 12 weeks. In fact, HealthTrails participants averaged 873.7 miles traveled. In addition, participants collectively drank 149,322 glasses of water and took almost 52,000 two-minute time outs.

Participants could go it alone or be on a team of four to six fellow faculty and staff members. The top three teams, in terms of distance averaged, were:

  • “Making It Rain” headed by Mike Dolsak;
  • “The Conquering Cuties” led by Celena Howard; and
  • “Linsalata Winsalata” captained by Kelly Kribel.

These teams will share a team lunch on campus for coming out on top.

Prizes also were given to 20 randomly selected individual finishers.

Fifteen participants from a wide cross-section of campus won a Bluetooth cordless speaker:

Winners of this prize were:

  • Prashansa Agrawal
  • Ann Boughner
  • Lorrie Calabrese
  • Emil Chuck
  • Jessica Cooke-Baily
  • Shelley Curtain
  • Mike Dolsak
  • Audrey Kinsella
  • Sandra Livingston
  • Angie Love
  • Lakshmeswari Ravi
  • JC Sharf-Deering

Dolsak, who won a speaker and captained one of the top-finishing teams, said: “I loved the program. In addition to a diet change and a little extra HealthTrails motivation, I lost almost 15 pounds.”

Additionally, five participants won a gift certificate for five free small group training sessions at 121 Fitness or 121’s Uptown Cycling. They were:

  • Donna Ertin
  • Kaitlyn Hendershot
  • Rebecca Mansell
  • Caitlin Proctor-Frazier
  • Vanessa Rotondo

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in any of the online or in-person programming the Wellness Program offers year-round.

Learn more at case.edu/wellness/.