State police have released the names of the four young men who died in last night’s plane crash. They are second-year students William Michael Felten, 19, of Saginaw, Michigan, and Lucas Marcelli, 20, of Massillon, Ohio. Also on board the plane were first-year students John Hill, 18, of St. Simons, Georgia, and Abraham Pishevar, 18, of, Rockville, Maryland.

Three of the four—Marcelli, Pishevar and Hill—were members of the university’s varsity wrestling team. Felten and Marcelli also were active in Greek Life on campus.

“We are truly heartbroken about these promising lives cut short,” President Barbara R. Snyder said, “and feel profound sympathy for their loved ones and friends.”

Officials are still investigating the details of the crash; investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are expected to arrive at the scene this afternoon. The plane, a 1999 Cessna, reportedly crashed just outside the Cuyahoga County Airport about 10 o’clock Monday night. Identification of the victims was delayed because the plane caught on fire upon impact.

Counseling and student affairs staff are working closely with the undergraduates’ roommates and friend to provide support and guidance. The University Counseling office is accepting walk-ins all week.

  • Faith

    This is a loss beyond description. May there be a day that the families can find comfort knowing so many of us have these boys in our thoughts.

  • Jennifer

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the students. May peace be with everyone who are affected by this tragic loss. God bless.

  • Parents of class of 2017 student

    Our deepest sympathies to all of the families and friends of these young men on such a tragic loss.

  • Guita

    It is a sad day. My heart goes out to families of these promising young men whose lives cut short so tragically.

  • Loretta Easley RN, BSN

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families and the entire Case Western Reserve University community. May we all comfort each other during this time of grief.

  • Vickie

    My heart breaks for the families of these young men; and I am very sorry that their dreams are lost due to this tragedy. Our Lord now has them cradled to his bosom and they will blossom with his comfort and love.

  • Li, New Parent of CWRU Student, Class of 2018

    I am utterly heartbroken for the parents and families of these very promising young men. I shed tears for the families and boys directly upon hearing this awful news; I shed tears as if these boys were my very own… All I have to give is private tears and prayers for each of your sons.

  • Nabil Abouzahra

    The hardest loss is the loss of loved one. We ask God to bestow patience and courage to friends and families on this difficult tragedy. To God we must return.

  • Case Parent

    Thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of these beloved outstanding young men. The Case community will surely come together to help each other through this difficult time.

  • Joy Bostic

    My heart aches for the tragic loss of these young people. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends, and the CWRU community, especially the wrestling team. I pray that you all will find the comfort and support that you need during this time of loss and grief.

  • Sifu Roy Farris Jr

    I am sorry for the lost life of theses guys the pray go out to guys

  • Extending our prayers from across town to the Case Western Reserve University community, and to the families of those who are suffering the grief of a lost life. May we all find comfort during this time of sorrow.

  • New Case Western Parent

    As the parent of a CWRU freshman, I want to share my prayers and condolences to the families impacted by this horrible tragedy. It’s just heartbreaking and a loss for the whole university community and I wish them any measure of comfort and hope that they might find during this very difficult time.

  • Gabriel

    We at Team Gabriel are sorry for your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  • Parents of Manchester University wrestler, Class of 2017

    Our deepest sympathy to the CWRU community and to the families of these young men. We mourn your loss and pray for God’s comfort in your lives.

  • john lopez

    I am the father of a CWRU freshman who just moved in a few doors down from Abe in the dorm. When my wife and I were unpacking our sons stuff for his freshman year, two young men came in to say hi, introducing themselves to the new folks on the floor.
    One of those young men was Abe. I shook his hand.
    I was touched by how cool and nice it was to have students like that joining my son as they went on to the next step in their promising lives.
    I know my son worked very hard to get to Case, and I’m sure the same is true for Abe.
    God is walking with Abe and his friends who were also lost, as we all go about our lives here on earth.
    God Bless you and your family Abe, and all of the folks who lost love ones with this horrible accident. The world truly needs more young people like these young men!

  • Sonia and Arun kumar

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and Case community.We all mourn your loss.Our heartfelt condolences to the families.We pray that you will find comfort and support you need at this time during this difficult time.

  • Arun and Sonia Kumar

    Our heartfelt condolence to families of these fine young men .We all mourn your loss.
    We pray that all of you get the support you need during this difficult times.

  • Case Parent

    Condolence to the families and friends of these four young men.

  • Case Parent of Student in Class of 2016

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of these boys. My son attended the vigil and I know he and his friends were touched by these students. It only takes a moment to meet someone special, and to the Freshmen parents, your sons made great impressions in their short time at Case. Bless you all in this time of grief.

  • Gloria Majeski, Exec. Asst. to Mayor Robert Weger

    Please know that the City of Willoughby Hills shares the sorrow that Case Western is feeling at this time. Neighbors in the area felt helpless and that will stay with them for a long time. We are so sad for the families of these young men. The Willoughby Hills community joins the Case “family” in continuing our thoughts and prayers for these four fine men and their families and friends.

  • Ritu Sharma- faculty

    I am shocked and deeply saddened by this heart wrenching news. May God grant peace to everyone impacted by this unspeakable tragedy. Those young men are flying high forever with God. Peace!


  • Parent of Case graduate

    My deepest condolences to the families and the entire Case community as I appreciate how so many will grieve such a tragic lost.

  • Parent of a Case Freshman

    My deepest condolences to the families and friends of these four young men. As a parent of a current Case freshman, I can still “picture” the joy that I and many parents probably had in dropping off our sons and daughters for what looked to be a wonderful start of their school year. My heartfelt prayers are with all affected by this tragedy – especially family and friends.

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  • ’12 Alum

    My deepest condolances to the families and friends of these young men. As a CWRU graduate, I know first hand how tightly knit the student community is and I can only imagine the outpouring of support after such a tragic loss. Take comfort in knowing that their intelligence, kindness, and friendship will not be forgotten and will always remain a part of Case Western through the friends they made in their too short time here.